Adecco’s Personal Information Handling Rule

Formulated by Adecco Ltd. On September 17, 2008
Revised on Dec 01, 2018

Article 1 (Purpose of the Use of Personal Information)

Adecco Ltd. (hereinafter called “Adecco”) will use the personal information supplied by you (hereinafter called “the Personal Information”) only to provide services as shown below, and will handle it properly and appropriately.

  1. Types of the Personal Information that Adecco collect

    • 1) Briefing session, Seminar participants
    • 2) Inquiries or Document requests to Adecco
    • 3) Prize contests, etc. for which customers have applied
  2. Purposes of using the Personal information

    • 1) For confirmation of applications for Briefing sessions or seminars, etc.
    • 2) To reply to your questions or inquiries.
    • 3) For provision of information about our services.
    • 4) To collect of statistical data.

Article 2 (Voluntary Provision of Personal Information)

Adecco asks you to provide the Personal Information on a voluntary basis. Please also understand that if Adecco has not received some necessary information, we may not be able to offer you some of Adecco’s Services as described in Article 1 hereof.

Article 3 (Non-Returnable Policy)

Any documents or items you have submitted to Adecco are non-returnable. Adecco will delete, destroy, or dispose the said documents or items on our own responsibility after the elapse of a certain period.

Article 4 (Collection of the Personal Information by the hard-to-recognizable way in person)

The Adecco website uses Cookies. We use cookies only to make it possible to recognize the customers as the same person who visit the Adecco’s websites repeatedly and it does not include any information that individual customers can be distinguished. Please note that certain services may not be available to you, if you disable your cookies.

Article 5 (Provision of Personal Information to a Third Party)

Adecco will not provide the Personal Information to a third party without your consent except in the cases described below:

  • 1) Provision or disclosure of the Personal Information is required by law
  • 2) Provision or disclosure of the Personal Information is required to protect human life or body, or property of an individual or an institution, and Adecco has difficulties in obtaining the disclosing party’s consent to the said provision or disclosure
  • 3) Provision or disclosure of the Personal Information is particularly necessary to enhance public health or promote sound growth of children, and Adecco has difficulties in gaining the disclosing party’s approval for the said provision or disclosure
  • 4) Provision or disclosure of the Personal Information is essential for a central or municipal government, or its affiliated or entrusted agency to execute the duties required by law, and it is considered that obtaining the disclosing party’s approval might obstruct the execution of the said duties

Article 6 (Entrustment of Personal Information)

Only to the extent required to accomplish the purposes mentioned in Article 1 hereof, Adecco may entrust personal information to an institution or an individual that Adecco is assured is implementing personal information management practices which are equal to or higher than those of Adecco in terms of security level.

Article 7 (Shared Use of Personal Information)

To provide comprehensive human resource services, Adecco will share the Personal Information as indicated below

Title Content
Items of Personal Information subject to Shared Use Name/Email Address/Phone Number/Fax Number/Trading History
Scope of Shared Users The Adecco Group Companies (Domestic and Overseas)
Purposes of Shared Use For the guidance and the suggestion of the service that the Adecco Group provides
Acquisition method Acquisition by Document, Electronic data (such as emails), telephone and interview
The Responsible Person for Shared Use of Personal Information Kenichiro Kawasaki, President, Adecco Ltd.

Article 8 (Contact Points for Inquiries or Requests Regarding Personal Information)

If you have any requests or inquiries about the Personal Information, including but not limited to disclosure or deletion of the Personal Information, please contact Adecco as shown below:

[Adecco’s Contact Points]

Note: If you have registered with Adecco as a temporary worker, your branch or Job Center is also available. If you have registered with Adecco as a perm placement candidate, your Permanent Placement office is also available.

We will not disclose if it falls under the following. In that case, we will inform you.

  • 1) Cases in which the request is not submitted by you or your deputy.
  • 2) Cases in which disclosure violates other laws
  • 3) Cases in which disclosure might harm the life, body, property, or other rights or interests of the person or a third party.
  • 4) Cases in which disclosure might seriously impede the proper execution of our business.
  • Manager in charge of Personal Information Protection,
    Personal Information Protection Bureau, Adecco Ltd.

  • E-mail: