Adecco's Information Security Policy

Formulated by Adecco Ltd. on January 1, 2003
Revised on January 1, 2012

Adecco, a comprehensive HR services provider, is committed to properly treating and managing personal and other sensitive information. As a socially responsible company, Adecco hereby stipulates the basic policy on protection of personal/sensitive information, as well as safety measures to reduce anticipated risks.

1) Adecco will abide by laws, guidance, rules, guidelines, and others stipulated by the Japanese government on protection of personal/sensitive information.

2) Through proper information management measures, Adecco will endeavor to maintain confidentiality, availability, appropriateness of personal/sensitive information, and take preventive measures for alleviating security vulnerability and anticipated risks."

3) For proper management of personal/sensitive information, Adecco will take safety, preventive, and corrective measures through regular risk assessment audits. In case we are faced with an information leak incident, we will promptly carry out corrective measures.

4) Adecco will familiarize all of our directors, managers, and employees with our information protection practices, and organize training sessions for them on a regular basis.

5) Adecco will also make continuous efforts for protection of personal/sensitive information and implement regular assessments of these practices.

Kenichiro Kawasaki,
President, Adecco Ltd.

For inquiries, please contact:

  • Manager in charge of Personal Information Protection,
    Intelligence Information Protection Management Office, Adecco Ltd.


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