Adecco's Personal Information Protection Policy

Formulated by Adecco Ltd. on January 1, 2003
Revised on January 1, 2012

Adecco, a comprehensive HR services provider, is committed to properly treating and managing personal information. As a socially responsible company, Adecco hereby stipulates the basic policy on protection of personal information, and ensures that all of our directors, managers, and employees comply with this policy and make continuous efforts to preserve confidentiality of personal information.

1) Adecco will thoroughly understand the importance of protecting personal information, and acquire, use, and provide personal information only to the extent necessary for our business. Adecco will not receive personal information from any individual or institution without expressing its purpose and obtaining the disclosing party's consent. Adecco will not treat personal information beyond the extent necessary. Adecco will also take other necessary measures to protect personal information.

2) Adecco will abide by laws, guidance, and other rules stipulated by the Japanese government on protection of personal information. We also comply with "Adecco's Personal Information Protection Management System," which was developed in line with "JIS-Q-15001: Personal Information Management System-Requirements."

3) For proper management of personal information, Adecco will take reasonable safety, preventive, and corrective measures to reduce risks of unauthorized access to personal information, or loss, destruction, falsification, or leakage of personal information.

4) Adecco will appoint a team that promptly and appropriately deals with grievances or inquiries regarding our personal information handling practices.

5) Adecco will regularly review "Adecco's Personal Information Protection Management System," and make other continuous efforts to ensure appropriate use and protection of personal information.

Kenichiro Kawasaki,
President, Adecco Ltd.

For inquiries, please contact:

  • Manager in charge of Personal Information Protection,
    Intelligence Information Protection Management Office, Adecco Ltd.


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