Overseas businesses considering expanding into Japan Achieve Your Goals with Adecco HR Solutions

As the Japanese subsidiary of the Adecco Group, the global leader in HR solutions, we specialize in meeting the personnel needs of companies considering expanding into Japan with a total solutions package that utilizes our multitude of experience, global network, and intricate knowledge of the Japanese labor environment.

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  • Permanent Placement Service

Permanent Placement Service

Our Permanent Placement services are the most requested among overseas businesses expanding into Japan. Please see below for an outline of our recruitment process and examples of clients that took advantage of our Permanent Placement services.

Adecco provides consultation on HR strategies and other personnel issues in addition to Temporary Placement, Temp-to-Perm Placement, and Permanent Placement referral services.
We look forward to your inquiry and providing you with the most appropriate solutions.

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Recruitment Process and Services Unique to Adecco

Recruitment Process and Services Unique to Adecco

Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have regarding post-placement

Examples of successful recruitments

Case 1:General Manager for newly opening office in Japan

Successful Solutions

1. Guidance through Japan's unique labor environment

Regarding employment regulations, recruiting processes, and general HR business practices surrounding the Japanese labor environment, our client was faced with considerable uncertainty upon entering the Japan market for the first time.
Fortunately, as Adecco specializes in overseas expansion into Japan, we took on their recruitment activities and devised a strategy based on their corporate needs, timeline for entry and recruitment, type of employee, work details, etc. We eliminated their uncertainties by sharing information and successfully locating a general manager who smoothly entered the position within the timeframe needed.

2. Addressing problems with a win-win solution

Due to delays in the opening of our clients Japan office, the schedule for employee placement was pushed back. However, in order to secure the employment of the candidate who had progressed through screening, without being held by the original work order (permanent employment) and based on both the client's needs and current situation, we proposed a more flexible form of employment (temporary placement to permanent placement). As a result, the candidate was recruited on a contract stipulating that after the opening of the office, the candidate would be employed permanently.

Client Summary , Details of Request

  • Our knowledge of the Japanese labor environment reduces your risk to achieve your HR goals.
  • Our experience with flexible forms of employment allows us to synchronize recruitment with the timely establishment of your office.

Case 2:Immediate sales force of 15 and on-boarding support

Successful Solutions

1. Efficiency: time is money

As our client needed to increase the strength of their sales force in Japan as soon as possible, to keep up with company growth. Leveraging our large network of sales professionals, we gathered all qualified candidates together in one location for a speedy recruitment process. At that time, we provided them with a company briefing including a rundown of the company's business and the job description. Preliminary meetings with the client in advance allowed us to make preparations to answer the applicants' questions during the briefing.

2. Post-placement support

After the sales force was recruited, our client asked us for extra support regarding a post-placement training seminar held in Singapore. We were pleased to coordinate schedules between the client in Singapore and the new employees in Japan with attention to travel, visa application, and pertinent issues.

Client Summary , Details of Request

  • Our experience with various methods allows us to recruit the personnel you need when you need it.
  • Our extensive post-placement support and follow up services assist you in various ways.


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